Google seems to get an upper hand on its fast-rising video conferencing competitor Zoom by adding an option to cast your Google Meet video calls directly to your home TV screen.

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Explanation By Google

“With Google Meet on Cast, you can turn any room in your house into your own personal conference room, taking advantage of your TV or a Smart Display. Whether you want to step away from the notifications on your laptop or phone to be more present in a meeting or you’re on mute in a larger meeting and want to concentrate on your task at hand, casting to your TV can help you be more productive and stay focused.”

Zoom hype was at its peak back in April, Google then made its Meet video conferencing option for free to all the Gmail users, which was earlier limited to only paid G Suite customers. Google has been looking out for ways to promote Meet usage, like by adding quick links to Meet calls in Gmail to overcome the rise of Zoom. Google has the advantage of a big scale with more than 1.8 billion users around the world. So adding new ways to use Meet is the better option and this new casting Meet calls to your TV might not as necessary for the most. As to stream on most TVs, you need a Chromecast dongle, a small device that you insert into your TVs HDMI port to communicate with Google.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Some modern TVs come with an inbuilt Chromecast so you may not need to follow this step. But mostly this will need this extra hardware. Facebook also provides this same function through its Portal TV device.

Along with this, Google is also releasing a new beta on Android TV, that will allow users to start one on one and group calls from your TV. And if your TV doesn’t have a camera built-in, you can simply plug in a USB camera.

Android TV
Image Source: Social Media Today


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