Google is working on upgrading its smart campaign offering by introducing new ways to instantly check on your Google Ads performance and new list for ad targeting on the basis of your services and products.

Firstly Google made it easier for users to check the performance of their ads via the mobile app by a simple search on Google only. Search for “Google Ads” or “My Ads” and Google will then offer you the status of your campaign and you can also see how your ads appear to others.

According To Google:

“If you want an efficient way of checking your ad status, this feature is for you. We’ve made our reporting features more accessible – with a quick search, you can instantly see the status of your ads, how they’re performing, and how your ads look to potential customers.”

This option will be available to use for all the smart campaign advertisers in the coming weeks. Along with this Google is also on the move to launch “Keyword Themes” listing that will help highlight related search queries to target on the basis of your business.

“With keyword themes (formerly “products and services”), you tell us what your business offers and we’ll show your ad to potential customers searching for related phrases. This means your ads reach more of the right people and you can save time in the process.”

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Advertisers will be able to remove or change keyword themes form the list, to help target your ads. Google has declared various tools and additions to assist businesses online to reduce the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown.

Smart Campaigns are the key offerings of Google. They are less targetted compared to google in-depth approaches, but they could be a good way to make sure you are reaching out to the right audience.

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