Google is adding more ways for users to talk with their colleagues and friends through Google Meet by introducing a new simple process to join a video meet up on mobile via the Gmail app.

Explanation By Google:

“In the coming weeks, you’ll notice a new ‘Meet’ tab on your phone’s Gmail app where you can see upcoming meetings scheduled in Google Calendar, and easily join them with a single tap.”

Google meet mobile
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Users will also be able to schedule their own Google Meet video in the Gmail app:

“In the Meet tab, tap on “New meeting” to start a meeting instantly, get a meeting link to share, or to schedule a meeting in Calendar. If you tap on “Join with a code,” you can join meetings shared with you by entering a meeting code.”

Video connection tools have seen a significant increase in usage during the COVID-19 lockdown. Zoom the streaming app got the most consideration in recent months but the company also faced some hacking and security issues. The ongoing issues around Zoom’s policy may move people to look for other options and with Google making Meet free for users back in April, saw rise in users switching over. If you do not want to see the Meet tab in your app then you can untick the option in your app settings.

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