Google is launching promoted pins to smart campaign advertisers and offering businesses an opportunity to use them and promote themselves for free for the next few months. The campaign advertises will not be charged for calls, clicks, or sales obtained from promoted pins through September 2020. Promoted Pins provides businesses to stand out in Maps by displaying particular offerings and services such as delivery, pickup, and more.

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Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Google’s Statement

“Every month, over 1 billion people use Google Maps to see what’s around them, search for businesses, and find directions. Promoted pins on Google Maps help your business stand out during these moments by displaying a prominent, square-shaped Google Maps pin.”

Google is providing promoted pins for free so as to help businesses that are on the move to reopening their business after lockdown. The company has started launching promoted pins to smart campaign advertisers with a Google My Business profile, which is expected to be available fully in the coming weeks.

Various New Features For Smart Campaigns

Google is also upgrading smart campaigns with the option to sign up from any device and see the results straight away in Google Search and control over when ads are displayed.

Sign Up In The Mobile App

Google advertisers now can run ads directly from the mobile app and the sign-up process has made faster than before which claims that advertisers can create and run campaigns in less than 15 minutes.

mobile app sign up
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Analyze Smart Campaign Performance In Google Search

Google Ads working on making its reporting features to access easily by providing users to see their performance directly in search results.

“With a quick search, you can instantly see the status of your Smart campaigns, how they’re performing, and how your ads look to potential customers.”

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smart capmaign performance
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Control When The Ads Are Displayed

Google Ads is providing users running smart campaigns more control over the keywords which they want their ads to display for. Advertisers can also change or remove keyword themes.

keyword Themes
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Keyword Themes will be available to use completely for everyone using Smart campaigns in the coming weeks.

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