Google has come with its latest video in the Lightening Talks series. The latest video shows the state of SEO in the year 2020. Apart from this, the condition of SEO 2020 has been compared with SEO in 2019.

The data on the video shows how the websites followed the SEO standard practices.


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Web Almanac

The Web Almanac is a very known comprehensive report on the web which is made by the actual and trusted experts. Alyda Solis with Michael King and Jamie Indigo represents the paper on Web Almanac in the video.

Glimpse From the SEO Chapter of the Web 2020 Almanac

A. Indexability & Crawlibility

  • In 2020, more than 75% of the websites have correct robots.txt files.
  • A rel=“canonical” tag was found on 53% in 2020.
  • Maximum of the canonical tags discovered, 45% were self referential and 8.5% pointed to a different URL.

B. Content Trends

  • In 2020, the median page had 348 words, compared 306 words in 2019.
  • 99% of pages had a title tag in 2020, versus 97% in 2019. The median title tag length is 6 words/38 characters, which is up from 20 characters in 2019.
  • 68% of pages had a meta description, up from 64% of pages in 2019 which means a hike of 4%.
  • The median length of a meta description was 19 words and 138 characters, which is under 160 characters as recommended by SEO best practices.
  • The median page had 67 total links, of which 54 were internal links. Down 10% from 2019.

C. User Page Experience Data

  • Only 20% of webpages meet the Google’s Core Web Vitals conditions.
  • 73% of pages have adopted HTTPS.
  • 11% of pages do not use the viewport meta tag at all, suggesting they may not be mobile-friendly yet.
  • 83% of pages use responsive features which is quite high then 2019.

The State Of The SEO Video

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