Google’s Prabhakar Raghavan Introduced another technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM) at Google I/O on Tuesday. Like BERT, it’s based on a transformer design however is undeniably more impressive (1000 times more Powerful) and is equipped for performing various tasks to connect information for users in a new way.

The organization is as of now running inner experimental runs programs with MUM, and no official rollout date was reported.


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One of the separating qualities of MUM is that it can handle multiple tasks at the same time. It is prepared on 75 Languages and various tasks all simultaneously. This permits MUM to acquire a more complete comprehension of data and the world everywhere, Google said in its blog.

MUM Undertakings

In front of an audience at I/O, Raghavan gave a few instances of the undertakings that MUM can deal with simultaneously:

  • Get profound information on the world.
  • Understand and create language.
  • Train across 75 languages.
  • Comprehend different modalities (empowering it to comprehend various types of data, like pictures, text and video).


Prabhakar Raghavan providing examples of how MUM might be integrated into Google Search at Google IO.

Source: Search Engine Land


At I/O, Raghavan utilized the query “I’ve climbed Mt. Adams and now need to climb Mt. Fuji the next, what should I do any other way to plan?” as an illustration that would give present-day web indexes some difficulty giving important results. In the recreated search utilizing MUM, Google could feature the differences & similarities between the two mountains and surface articles for the correct equipment to climb Mt. Fuji.

Since MUM is multi-modular, it can understand pictures and video (along with text): “Imagine clicking a picture of yours climbing boots and asking ‘Would i be able to utilize these to climb Mt. Fuji?'” Raghavan said, “MUM would have the option to understand the content & intent behind your question.” In this speculative situation, MUM would tell the client whether their stuff is proficient and direct them toward a list of suggested equipments on a Mt. Fuji blog.



Google is coordinating various undertakings together to make one connected search experience, And if succeeds, this could make data more acessible across mediums (text, pictures and video) and language hindrances. If MUM works the manner in which it was appeared at I/O, it might empower individuals to conduct searches that they recently thought were excessively tuf for a machine to comprehend.

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