Google’s John Mueller states in a recent video that you can see some parts of your website go up or down after an algorithm update. The reason behind that is that some of Google’s algorithms not only just look at the bigger picture but also look at the smaller portions of the website.


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John Mueller was asked a question that “During the core update rollout, is it like the quality of the website is calculated from the overall site signals, and then this site quality score is propagated to every page gradually, page by page? Is it possible that some pages drop and some pages surge, and the overall traffic to the domain remains the same?” The answer therefore is, it depends on the particular algorithm, what scores the algorithm can be created at a granular level and what it has to guess for the other webpages it does not the required data to be created at that granular level.

Explanation By John Mueller

It’s– like, when we try to understand the relevance of a website, on the one hand, we try to look at the bigger picture of the website.” He added “But we do also look at smaller parts of a website. So it can certainly happen that some things go up, some things go down. And on average, across a domain, you will see some change, or maybe it’ll even out even in kind of weird coincidental cases. So that’s certainly possible, the way that you’re seeing things there. And it’s also that there are always a lot of different things that come out with regards to search, and some are a little bit more focused on the domain or on a bigger picture of the website. Some are focused more on smaller parts of a website.

so even outside of a core update, you might see these shifts across some parts of your site, and other parts going up, some parts going down.

Explanation By Glenn Gabe

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