Google’s John Mueller was asked a question “If I redirected a URL from one to another, will the core web vitals metrics will also be redirected?” On this, John Reverted “Yes”.


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Here is the Question & Answer asked

My website is a 100% Core Web Vital pass and all the urls are Core Web Vital valid. Now I want to restructure my site, restructuring I mean to say that I want to change the URL to the better SEO friendly URL. So my first query is now I have already changed the URL so will the Core Web Vital metrics, whatever exist for my pages will be passed to the redirected URL?

The answer was:

That should be the case, yeah.

My understanding is that they [Core Web Vital metrics] would be [redirected]. Like any other signal from search if we see a redirect then we would forward the signals that we have and apply them to the new URL and it doesn’t matter so much if the URL looks different, it’s more that you’re moving from one URL to another URL.

The question asked in a video at 19:45 time

Glenn Gabe Further added a sweet Tweet on this:


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