Google’s Joh Mueller said that changing your title tags of your site would not create a big difference in your ranking over search engine after your website hit by a quality update. But yes by changing your title tags would help you to rank for the particular change you’ve done in your title tags. But they are 2 different questions.


Google: JSON LD Doesn’t Provide Any SEO Benefit Over Other Markups

Marie Haynes Mention in a Tweet

A Question was asked in a video at 57:11 time.

Question asked & Answered by John Mueller:

(Q) Is changing titles and meta descriptions to any kind of effect?

(A) I think you can use some of that to tweak things a little bit. But if you’re talking about ranking changes so strong that you’re seeing them overall, then I think just tweaking titles and meta tags are not going to give you what you’re looking for. Tweaking titles and meta tags makes it easier for us to recognize what is actually on a page, but it’s not going to change the overall visibility of the website significantly.

John specifically mention that this response was specific if your website got hit by a quality update .

John Mueller’s Tweet on the same:

Check out the Video where Question was asked:

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