AR systems are expanding and providing new options for advertising and branding which uses more mesmerizing and engaging visual elements.

Google Releases New 3D Object Recognition Process For Improved AR Experiences
Image Source: Social Media Today


One of the conditions where AR lacks is 3D modeling and the ability of the smartphones’ cameras to precisely scale object size to match them with virtual comparisons and provides a realistic description that can be covered over real-world scenes. But this week on the Google Engineering Blog the Google has outlined its recent advancement in 3D modeling which might see a significant improvement in AR rendering in the coming future.

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Google’s Explanation

Google's Explanation
Image Source: Social Media Today

This process enhances the capacity to capture an object’s position, orientation, and size in the real world which will have considerable impacts on the accuracy of AR apps, making it more impressive, functional digital placement tools.

Google Releases New 3D Object Recognition Process For Improved AR Experiences
Image Source: Social Media Today

We have already seen some AR product placement examples in real-world environments including IKEA’s AR furniture display app and various makeup try-on tools.

No doubt that these usages are impressive but with the advancement in 3D modeling capacity it will enable more efficient virtual placement and better accurate tools. This could be beneficial especially for e-commerce and virtual shopping which will make it easier to see what the object will look like in the real world before you make a purchase.

Google shares its latest upgrades with the developer community with a view to future product advancements. Reports say that Apple is also trying a new AR app along with AR glasses which they might launch in the latter half of 2020.



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