Google’s Martin Splitt declared that Google has fixed the issue related to it indexing some Disqus comments. This issue was in action for several months which now has been resolved. Martin Splitt took notice of the issue last week and stated that it will be fixed soon.

Tweets Of Martin Splitt Confirming This Issue Is Resolved:

Martin Confirmed This On June 20th, That This Has Been Fixed


Screenshots Of The Sites With Disqus Comments Which Were Not Indexed, Now Being Indexed 

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This did not impact all the websites with all Disqus comment implementations. It is difficult to know what percentage of websites got impacted by this. It was reported back in December 2019 which had Martin Splitt look into it a few weeks before. This several months old issue has been fixed now.

 Follow-up Tweets From Martin Two Days After The Tweets Of The Issue Resolved


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