Google’s official Web Stories plugin for WordPress gets the first-ever major update which comes with three new features. Version 1.1 of Google’s Web Stories for WordPress provides the website owners the ability to-

  • Put GIFs to the Web Stories through the integration with Tenor.
  • Make Web Stories with multiple types of typography options.
  • Add captions to the Web Stories that have the video content.


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Here’s more to each of the new updates.


Google is collaborating with Tenor into its Web Stories in order to let the users add GIFs by making use of an easy drag and drop interface. These GIFs are not like normal ones.

Statement By Google

we use high performance video instead of the GIF format behind the scenes to make sure stories load quickly.

Users through his new upgrade can look for a wide variety of GIFs using the keywords, then click on drag through one into the Web Story.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal


Users now have more options to select new fonts from a wide list of high-quality texts sets at the time of creating a Web Story. Google has collaborated with typography experts at iA, to make sure to serve high quality of typography craftsmanship.

Statement By Google

The result is a set of carefully created combinations that let you mix and match different harmonious typography, and a dynamic toggle (“Fonts in Use”) that shows you only text sets that match what you’re already using, so you can be confident that your choices pair well together.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Video Captions

Web Stories plugin users now can create more content by adding video captions. Video captions can be uploaded directly to the editor.

Video Captions
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

All these new updates are now available to use by updating the Web Stories plugin from the WordPress backend.

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