Google has updated the product structured data documentation to ad a new Price Drop search appearance for Product pages. The new price drop appearance will display price drop details in the search rich results.


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Google Rich Results & Structured Data

Google choose particular structured data types to use for showing rich results in Google search results pages. Google to help e-commerce stores introduced developer pages that tell publishers which type of structured data to use so as to become eligible for displaying in Google search with rich results. Product structured data feature review stars, product images, and shipping information, among other data.

Google Product Shipping
Image Source: Google

Price Drop Appearance 

Google states that it will track the price that has been used for the “Offer” structured data type within the Product structured data that is used on a product page. So when there is any change in the price of the product, Google will add a rich result known as “price drop appearance” that will show that there has been a price drop. Here is an illustration provided by Google of the new price drop rich result in the search results.

Price Drop Appearance Rich Result
Image Source: Google

Eligibility For Price Drop Appearance

Google states that the publisher must use the “Offer” structured data and the price should not be in range but a single specific price. The “offers” structured data property can also be used with the “AggregateOffer” type to showcase a range of prices. The “offers” structured data property can be used with the “Offer” structured data type to reflect a single price. It is important to make use of the “Offer” structured data type and not the “AggregateOffer” type, if a publisher wants to be eligible for the price drop appearance.

According To Google

Price drop: Help people understand the lowest price for your product. Based on the running historical average of your product’s pricing, Google automatically calculates the price drop. The price drop appearance is available in English in the US, on both desktop and mobile.

To be eligible for the price drop appearance, add an Offer to your Product structured data. The price must be a specific price, not a range (for example, it can’t be $50.99 to $99.99).


The new rich result is a way to make a low price impression in the search results. Price Drop rich results make sales prices pop, resulting in more sales. So make sure you have configures your product structured data correctly to benefit from this new search appearance.

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