Google is releasing a new podcast that ensures to lives up to the name of “Search Off the Record.” Google’s Martin Splitt, John Mueller, Gary Illyes are coming together to show a ” mixed bag ” of content related to Google Search.

If you are still confused about whether to listen to it or not, Mueller says the information which will be shared in the podcast has never been documented before. Like, some episodes will have background information about the process of decision making behind launches. It will also give information on upcoming projects.

What Actually Is ” Search Off the Record”?

John Mueller gives an introduction to listeners about Search Off the Record in the trailer.

John Mueller Says
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Martin Splitt Adds To This:

Martin Splitt Adds
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Why Should You Listen To It?

While describing how he likes the name of the podcast, Mueller showcase what could be its greater selling point.

John Mueller Why To listen
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Gary Illyes in a light pitch, says the humor will be a key factor of the podcast as well.

Gary Illyes
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Where Can You Listen To It?

As of now we only have the trailer out. Google is to publish its first full episode of Search Off the Record, you can subscribe from your choice of podcast app.

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