Google’s John Mueller was asked a question by a user if using stock photography on your webpages would affect the chances of the page to rank well in Google search. Is there a need for a unique image on every page? To which John Mueller replied on Twiter that ” it does not matter for web search directly.” Further, Mueller says that for image search if the same image is used in many places then it will be harder.

Here Are The Tweets

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To note, back in December 2018 John stated that it is worthwhile to have unique images on your webpages. Here he is referring to image search ranking, He Says:

I think having a unique photo is definitely a good idea. Because if it’s the same photo that’s reused across a number of different articles, we’ll we’ll pick one of those articles for for image search to show as the landing page for that. So you’re kind of in the same group with everyone else if it’s the same photo. Whereas if it’s a different photo, then we we can show it separately in image search but that’s specific to image search.

It’s not the case that if you have good images that they will make your site rank better in web search. So it’s kind of kind of separate there. But that’s something where but sometimes good images show up as well in the normal search results. With like or you have the the images one bar on top or something like that. So I I think if you have a chance to to have your own images I think that’s definitely worthwhile.


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