Google has updated its search console with new features that will provide website owners to manage their account preferences. Site owners now can select whether to display performance data for their search console property in search results. Google has also extended email preferences with more options to choose over which type of email to receive.

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Search Console Property In Search Results

Google may show up your search console property in search results when entering a search term that your website ranks for. This data will only be displayed to you when you are searching with your logged-in Google account.

Summary Cards

Earlier website owners had no option whether or not to see summary cards in search results. Google launched this feature unannounced with no option to turn it off. Now website owners can search Google without their search console data looking back at them.

Summary Cards
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Owners now have the option to show or hide the summary cards from the settings page. You can easily disable this if you are handling multiple sites and do not want to see summary cards.

Email Preferences

Website owners now have the option to choose which type of emails they want to receive. In an email page, you can select the specific type of email notification you want to receive or even choose to disable all email notifications.

Email Preferences
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

You can still be able to see the messages in the message panel if you happen to unsubscribe from any or all the emails. Owners now can manage emails by clicking unsubscribe on unrelated messages when you receive them.



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