Google has again enabled the Request Indexing Tool, which is added in the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console. Back on October 14, 2020, the tool was disabled and was expected to come back before the holiday shopping season. However, it is back before Christmas.


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According to Google:

We’re glad to announce that ‘Request Indexing’ is back to the Google Search Console URL Inspection – just in time for the new year!

Google mentioned if the site owners have a large number of URLs, then site mapping must be submitted instead of requesting for indexing. Requesting will not always lead to inclusion in the Google Index.

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SEOs and site owners were missing this feature when Google removed it. However, Google said it had not affected normal indexing.  The feature has been enabled by Google again and now site owners can use it to submit manual indexing requests for important URLs and to make crawling sooner.

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