There is a signal of another update in the Google Algorithm as lots of gossips have been made looking at the rank changes on 6th and 7th August. Most of the tools showed higher fluctuation than the usual one. These cases are the signs of the changes in the Google algorithm as many SEO communities are talking about the same. Many tools are showing higher changes. However, Google has not yet stated anything about this. It might be some glitch fromGoogle Analytics end

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Some Quotes from Webmaster World and Black Hat World

“Something happened yesterday. Almost zero traffic today.”

“This is precisely what I see. Last night, after a limited 2 visit-at-a-time day, I got a short window of “natural flow” and a couple of conversions. SERPs didn’t change at all, just apparent throttling. I too am seeing more conversions late at night. However, the target is always moving. In the distant past, I would have traffic and conversion all day, on the half-hour, sometimes on top of each other. It was so regular and consistent on a daily basis that you could set your watch by conversions. Those days are long gone as Google now EAT’s your lunch…that’s all that acronym means.”

“My GA adjusted up by about 40,000 visitors for yesterday. Could be GA bugs? Idk. Going to bed.”

“Anyone else seeing some changes across the board?”

“For sure there is something going on, one of my websites was slowly recovering until yesterday. Today it hit the lowest low of its lifetime. Do I care… not really as I’m moving on to other business opportunities not related to G traffic.”

Some Rank Checking Tools


Some Rank Checking Tools
Image Source – seorountable


Some Rank Checking Tools
Image Source – seoroundtable

SERP Metrics

Some Rank Checking Tools
Image Source – seoroundtable


Some Rank Checking Tools
Image Source- seoroundtable

Cognitive Seo

Cognitive SEO
Image Source – seoroundtable


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