Advertisers are witnessing a new option i.e combined audience targeting for search campaigns in their Ads account. Although there is no official statement from Google regarding the new option.

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Tweet From Digital MArketing Consultant Steven John:

Benefit Of Using Combined Audiences:

Now an advertiser is able to generate ads with a special messaging feature to those who have already visited the website but did not make any purchase. By creating a combined audience for the website, the advertiser is making sure about the ads will visible to who searches for that specific keyword on google or meet the criteria.

This gives an option to the advertisers to target broader keywords and be able to do an experiment on messaging and bidding as well.

Working Of Combined Audiences:

Combined audiences help advertisers to form a layer of combinations in-market, affinity, demographics, and remarketing audiences by using “AND”, “OR”, or “NOT” directives.

Advertisers have the potential to multiple audiences to a campaign (“OR”) and exclude audiences from a campaign (“NOT”), but (“AND”) enhances the functionality of the new feature.






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