Google Ads Editor has been updated to support new campaign types. Apart from campaign types, some new features are also being introduced.

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Supporting New Campaigns:

Google Ads Editor new version 1.2 now start supporting app campaigns and discovery campaigns for more engagement. Both campaigns now can be created and edited by using Google Ads Editor as well.

New Features:

Following are the new features that have been introduced:

  • Sharable Negative Keyword List:

Now advertisers can share the negative keyword list across different accounts by using the editor’s shared library. This will eventually help the advertiser’s ads not showing up for those unwanted keywords.

  • Increasing Conversion Value For Search Campaigns:

The Maximize change esteem offering technique is currently upheld for Search campaigns. Google noticed that the “target ROAS” field of that system isn’t permitted, so it ought to be left clear.

  • Image Names:

Names of the images that are being downloaded from Google Ad Account are shown in the Editor. Whenever the advertiser will upload a new image in the Editor from the computer then the image will be shown in Google Ads under the file which is named as the image name.

  • Precise Edit Pane:

Empty fields in the edit pane will now be hidden. It is also possible to view the empty fields when it is required.

  • Searching Of Specific Error:

The individuals who use Google Ads Editor would now be able to look for explicit mistakes overall crusades and records. Presently, when you see a thing set apart with a specific mistake, you can rapidly locate every other spot where that issue exists.







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