Gary Illyes from Google shared his thought it is rare that core web vitals will become the primary factor affecting organic traffic. He said Google and most of the web browser rank according to the quality content for users not according to core web vitals.

Google has announced a page experience update and it maybe once the update will be live it will affect the algorithm HTTPS, mobile-friendly website, and page speed are ranking factors, whereas google explains them as a tiny factor.

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Core Web Vitals
Image Source – seroundtable

Gary Said:

Like any other search engine, Google works hard to surface the highest quality and most relevant results for users’ queries. CWV has nothing to do with either of those, not even remotely, so it’s extremely unlikely that CWV would ever become “the primary factor for Organic Traffic”.

“CWV is not a ranking signal, at least not yet. Whatever you’re seeing, it’s highly unlikely to be related to CWV.”


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