Last week, Google has opened enrollment for its certification courses. The courses are in data analytics, project management, and User Experience (UX) design. Google is taking so many initiatives for helping job seekers. Last year in August, these courses were announced by Google.

Earlier the courses were available on Coursera. This will allow students to get knowledge and a degree in 6 months. Google not only just opened the courses but also enhances the way students can get hired.


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Google Certification Courses

Google has opened enrollment for the following courses:

  1. Data Analyst: In this course, students will be able to learn the usage of different tools and processes. Students will be able to analyze and visualize the data in a more manner form.
  2. Project Manager: With the help of this course, students can learn the traditional methods of handling projects.
  3. UX Experience Designer: In this students can learn the UX experience from the root. How to create fragile wireframe along with a modern design.

The course can be done on monthly fees i.e $39. Therefore, the total price of a single course depends on how fast they can finish the course.
Google has stated that they will consider these courses as a four-year degree course in a related field.

Additional Ways To Get Hired

After the course completion, Google is helping certificate holders to get jobs as well. More than 130 employers have joined Google’s Employer consortium and want to hire the people who have these certificates.
Once the students have completed this certificate and have done graduate, in that case, they can directly send their resumes to some of the big giants. Not only big giants but Google itself will also hire people who have done these courses. Google has a strong belief that these courses eventually will upskill their current employees.


Google wants to create as many job opportunities as they can in order to help the employees to get hired faster. Google will change the concept of degree courses and the requirements asked on the major job postings websites. It is hard to comments on the difficulty of the course and how much they are going to successful.

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