Google Started Testing Showing Multiple Contextual Links Into Featured Snippets


Google started testing multiple contextual links in single features snippets which explains that featured snippets just don’t have a single link that Google used for the content, but it contains a number of links that featured snippets provide on phrases which Google thinks need more explanations.


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Main Aim

Google told us this is still a small experiment and the example we showed the company was not triggering the result in an ideal fashion. Google promises to continue to experiment and refine this feature.

Google they are just trying a simple experiment and promises to continue it by refining its feature. The main is to let the searchers understand the jargon and technical terms, by giving them additional context without having to leave the page.

More On This:

Google is providing the searchers with a quick snapshot so that searcher does not have the leave the page, but the links are not coming from the snippet source of the content, but the publishers are getting hurt as google has adapted and collected the number of linked with the main aim to benefit searchers.


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