Google launches a new option to group tabs in Chrome with various colors on each group to make it easier for users to keep track of the tabs.

chrome tab colors
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Explanation By Google

Explanation By Google
Image Source: Social Media Today

chrome color tabs
Image Source: Social Media Today

This feature will come in handy for users to help manage their efforts. As most people open up so many tabs at times for different purposes and it gets really hard to manage and understand what is going on your screen. Moreover when there are so many tabs opened the headings of the tabs shrinks and it comes to a point where you don’t remember what the tab is for unless you click on it.

This will help you to shift things easily at any given time and users can even move a group to a new browser window. Say if you have opened a collection of shopping or any other tabs, you can shift them aside for some time to get your work done.

It might be the best time for this feature considering everybody working from home. As in-office, you may feel reluctant to open personal tabs on screen but now at home, you may not feel the same even if its on work time. Now with this option, you will have an easy way to categorize your tabs, so you do not get carried away by personal interests.

The feature will be available to use in the coming version of the chrome which will be rolled out in the next week.

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