Google Updated Its Rich Result Tool To Support “Article” Structured Markup Validation


Rich Result tool will now support Article structure data, with the help of this site owners, can validate their ‘article’ structured markup.

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Article Structured Data

It used for marking up blogs, sports, and news article pages, which increases the chances of the page appearing in the search results. Now markup can also enable features like headline text and larger-than-thumbnail images. Intensified features can place the articles in the visual stories, host carousel, and top stories carousel.

Benefits of Rich Result Test Tool

The tool will help site owners to assess if their markup is correct, and help them fix the issue before publishing the article.  An article with proper valid markup has more chances to serve as a rich result. However, adding any type of structured markup data to the page has fewer chances that it will serve as a rich result.

With the help of the structured markup data, Google understands the page better. Although it is totally on Google to put it in the rich result or not

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