Google Updates Shopping Ads Policy Against Scamming & Phishing


Google has updated and added two new “unacceptable business practices” to its Google Shopping Ads policies. These are:

  • Scamming users by stating wrong information about the merchant’s product, service or business and,
  • Providing destinations that make use of “phishing” techniques to collect user information.


Few examples of “Scamming users by stating wrong information about the merchant’s product, service, or business. Impersonating brands by referring and changing the content in the ads, URL, or wrongly representing yourself as the business or brand in user interactions. Also luring uses to part with information or money via a fictitious business that doesn’t have the capacity to provide the products advertised.

The example for “offer destinations that make use of the “phishing” techniques to collect user information” is “websites that play with users into revealing their information by misrepresenting as a trusted retailer.”

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Google’s Statement

“we take violations of this policy very seriously and consider them egregious.” “An egregious violation of our Shopping ads policies is a violation so serious that it is unlawful or poses significant harm to our users. In determining whether a merchant or destination is violating this policy, we may review information from multiple sources including your offer, website, accounts, and third-party sources. If we find violations of this policy, we will suspend your Merchant Center account upon detection and without prior warning, and you will not be allowed to participate in Shopping ads again,”

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