In general, Google has declared that the Page Speed score is going to rise from 3rd March 2021. PageSpeed Insights (PSI) scores have increased around the globe. However, improvements have zero impact on website experience scores. All the improvements have been done on Google’s side.


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Page Speed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a tool created by Google for providing reports on a website speed. PageSpeed Insights gives you both mobile and desktop page speed performance. The reports come along with some insights about a couple of problems that have been discovered while diagnosing.

PageSpeed Insights provides two kinds of reports which are as follows:

  • Lab Data Report
  • Field Data Report

How PageSpeed Insights Collect Data

There is an important change in the collection of data by the PageSpeed Insights tool. The change is a switch for using the http/2 protocol in order to connect with a web page.

Using HTTP/2 Protocol By PageSpeed Insights

HTTP/2 is considered to be an advanced network connection protocol that enables faster communication of data. In the previous protocol, i.e HTTP/1.x limits the transferal of data, which leads to various other issues.

HTTP/2 Explainer By Google

HTTP/2 modifies how the data is formatted (framed) and transported between the client and server, both of which manage the entire process, and hides all the complexity from our applications within the new framing layer.

As a result, all existing applications can be delivered without modification.

You need to check whether your server hosting provides HTTP/2 support or not. If not, then you have to call your hosting service and lookout for a way to activate it.

Google Announcement

As of March 3, 2021, PageSpeed Insights uses http/2 to make network requests, if the server supports it.

…With this change, network connections are often established quicker. Given your requests are served in h2, you can likely expect metrics and the performance score to improve.

In general, performance scores across all PageSpeed Insights runs went up by a few points.

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