Google said about the changes and updates that the company made to Google Search in the past years, this includes Google Search, Google News, autocomplete, fact-checking through BERT, and language processing. The main target of Google is to provide relevant and reliable results.

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Changes Made

Pandu Nayak and Vice President of Google announced the changes made in Google Search in past years. These are the main key changes:

  • Fact check labels have been shown over 4 billion times in 2020.
  • Google BERT being used in full coverage news stories to better match fact checks with stories.
  • Google works closer with Wikipedia to detect and remove vandalism that Google may use in knowledge panels.
  • Auto-complete policy change around elections, specifically being more conservative and showing less vs more in this area.
  • Google is now able to detect breaking news queries in a few minutes versus 40+ minutes.

Pandu Nayak Said:

“We also just launched an update using our ​BERT language understanding models​ to improve the matching between news stories and available fact checks. These systems can better understand whether a fact check claim is related to the central topic of a story, and surface those fact checks more prominently in Full Coverage — a News feature that provides a complete picture of how a story is reported from a variety of sources. ​With just a tap, Full Coverage lets you see top headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, social commentary, and a timeline for stories that have played out over time.”

Breaking News

Google Said,

Over the past few years, we’ve improved our systems to automatically recognize breaking news around crisis moments like natural disasters and ensure we’re returning the most authoritative information available. We’ve also made significant strides in our overall ability to accurately identify breaking news moments, and do so more quickly. We’ve improved our detection time from up to 40 minutes just a few years ago, to now within just a few minutes of news breaking.

Auto-Complete Policy

David Graff, Senior Director, Trust & Safety at Google, said Google is more concerned about the suggestions it shows in auto-complete looking at the election on the head and other areas too.

Pandu Nayak Told,

We expanded Autocomplete policies related to elections, and we will remove predictions that could be interpreted as claims for or against any candidate or political party.” “We will also remove predictions that could be interpreted as a claim about participation in the election—like statements about voting methods, requirements, or the status of voting locations—or the integrity or legitimacy of electoral processes, such as the security of the election.

Accurate Information From Knowledge Graph

Google Said:

To complement Wikipedia’s systems, we’ve added additional protections and detection systems to prevent potentially inaccurate information from appearing in knowledge panels. On rare occasions, instances of vandalism on Wikipedia can slip through. Only a small proportion of edits from Wikipedia are potential vandalism, and we’ve improved our systems to now detect 99 percent of those cases. If these issues do appear, we have policies that allow us to take action quickly to address them.

To further support the Wikipedia community, we created the WikiLoop program last year that hosts several editor tools focused on content quality. This includes WikiLoop DoubleCheck, one of a number tools Wikipedia editors and users can use to track changes on a page and flag potential issues. We contribute data from our own detection systems, which members of the community can use to uncover new insights.

More On This

Google is constantly updating Search Results for better reliability and relevancy, which means the website has to be constantly improved for better quality and better user experience.

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