Google has announced in a blog post (and a video) that they will stop ranking low-quality Web Stories that tease content but do not deliver and encourage users to click through and visit the site.


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Statement By Google

One set of advice that might seem pragmatic at first but will almost certainly backfire. By just building teaser web stories as a pure traffic acquisition channel.

…one particular thing we’ve seen folks try out is teaser content: Web Stories that are essentially advertisements for some other content…

Web Story Teasers Are A Poor User Experience

Google states that they have received negative feedback from the users about the Web Stories that they are used as a way to other content, like videos or blogs. The only reason publishers use the teaser content is to monetize their websites. Google answers that Web Stories can be monetized there’s no need to trick a user into visiting a website in order to show them advertising.

Google Won’t Rank Low-Quality Teaser Web Stories

Google states that the quality is a ranking signal for the Web Stories to be displayed in the Google Search Or Discover.

Explanation By Google

A critical ranking signal at Google is the quality of your content. And a one- or two-page teaser for your blog post doesn’t tell a satisfying story to a reader, so Google will do its very best to not show these to users.


Google says that it is okay to link to the main website via a web story as long as the story gives out the content the user expects. Google also emphasized that to consider web stories as standalone content, not a way to attract visitors to the main website.

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