“Hey Facebook” will become the next “Hey Siri” and “Hey Alexa.”

Commanding orders from voice are becoming more common, as people are buying more smart speakers. Now, Facebook is adding a new way to activate its Oculus VR devices, by saying “Hey Facebook.”


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

Explanation By Oculus

Starting this week, we’ll begin rolling out “Hey Facebook” to people using Quest 2. This will be a gradual rollout, but you can find and enable the wake word via our Experimental Features settings – and then say “Hey Facebook, take a screenshot,” “Hey Facebook, show me who’s online,” “Hey Facebook, open Supernatural,” or any of our other voice commands to get started. Note that Quest doesn’t listen for the “Hey Facebook” wake word when the microphone is turned off, or when the headset is asleep or powered down.

So basically Oculus is not going to answer your daily conversation, like other Facebook advertising myths.

Oculus With Voice Commands

Last year only, Oculus added a voice command for the first time. Bu at the that, users need to press a button to activate voice commands functions. The new “Hey Facebook” feature is designed in such a way that it makes it easier for the users to activate voice commands. The new feature is a good step in making Oculus more user-friendly.

It is interesting fact to know that the company has gone with “Hey Facebook” rather than “Hey Oculus.” Despite knowing that VR devices are not Facebook-branded devices. But yes, Facebook wants to own the maximum space in Oculus. This will also help in branding as well.

Another interesting thing to know is that Facebook doesn’t go with “Hey Facebook” for its smart speaker devices. On those portals, users can activate voice commands by saying “Hey Portal.”


Adding “Hey Facebook” seems to be a small addition to the VR device but it is worth considering. Now, it will be important to know how many times people will use these commands to activate voice commands.

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