Google reported yesterday that rather than simply giving you the alternative to set your delete settings to occur, it will do as such for you. Rather than defaulting to not deleting your Google history, Google will set your pursuit information to delete the following year and a half, YouTube information following three years, and so forth.

The new setting will just default to auto-delete as opposed to never delete:

The new setting will just default to auto-delete as opposed to never delete:
Image Source – seoroundtable

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Google Said-

Today we’re changing our data retention practices to make auto-delete the default for our core activity settings.”

Sundar Pichai Tweeted:

In 2007, Google started to anonymize this information following 18 to two years. At that point in 2018, Google made it simpler to erase the information totally. In 2019, Google included auto-erase controls. Presently, those auto-erase controls will be set to auto-erase.

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