ideaForge Technology which is backed by the Infosys, has got a request from NTPCBSE-0.16% for the supply of two highly advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) incorporated with Thermal Imaging sensor, LiDAR sensor and high-end programmatic sensor.

Where and why it will be used

The device will be used at the research and development center of NTPC, NETRA (NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance), for supporting the inspection as well as monitoring the operations.

NTPC’s open tender

NTPC had propelled an open tender in October 2016 for this reason. ideaForge Technology announced that it emerged successful after the international bidding though it faced tough competition from others.

UAVs can be used for R&D

NETRA seeks to initiate R&D to explore how UAVs can be utilized best in the power sector and how it will be used to cover the related challenges while building the knowledge base and development of user-friendly application along with data analytics.

The idea is put forth to use the UAVs in the study of degradation of Solar photovoltaic plants, and photo grammetric volumetric analysis of coal stock piles, LiDAR-based terrain mapping and visual monitoring and inspection of activities at NTPC sites

The organization said it considers this advancement a noteworthy achievement in the business utilizations of UAVs, for example, in the vitality segment or agribusiness, which is as of now is compelled by administrative obstacles.

Company seeks for best utilization of UAVs

As per the company, it is the best and noteworthy commercial utilization of UAVs in the arena of energy or agriculture sector, which are still constrained by several regulatory hurdles.

Interesting time for UAVs

Ankit Mehta, CEO at ideaForge, said that, “These are very interesting times for the industry and the market is heating up in terms of opportunities in exploring commercial applications for UAVs. PSUs are taking the lead in this direction”.

Company will make UAVs for PSUs as well

As per Mehta, company is also in discussion with several other PSUs (Public Sector Units) for orders but didn’t reveal any names. Well the company is a next generation drone systems manufacturer and makes the advanced UAVs which can be effectively used for defence sector applications.

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