Instagram Adds New Option For Users To Opt-Out Of Third-Party Data Usage For Ad Targeting


Instagram has introduced a new setting that will allow users to select whether they can be targeted with more personalized ads in the app through the use of data sourced from third-party platforms and providers.


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Data From Partners
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above image, the new ‘Data From Partners” settings allow users to choose to not allow the use of partner-sourced data to target them with more personalized ads. Facebook and Instagram use data insights from other websites and apps so as to better personalize users’ ad experience. Facebook through the use of Facebook’s SDK and other tools tracks these data points, which then provide information on users’ off-platform actions. These insights are going to be of so much importance as Instagram moving further into eCommerce, the ability to use off-platform browsing and data transaction will be a crucial way to enhance retargeting and creating more direct sales via the app.


To make sure all the users know about this setting, Instagram will soon start sending out an in-app notification, calling on people to check their ad settings. If the user has connected their Facebook account, the new setting will also respect the choices noted via their Facebook Ad Preferences. Considering the rise of eCommerce through Instagram, this setting makes sense, Instagram might also decrease the number of users who will actually turn this setting off, allowing them to give maximized ad retargeting options for more businesses.


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