Instagram has launched new QR codes for its profiles this week, which will offer a quick scan option to assist users to connect with businesses and people via the app.

Instagram QR Codes
Image Source: Social Media Today

Back in 2018, Instagram rolled out “Nametag Codes” which were like QR codes for profiles with a slightly different variation.

Nametag Codes
Image Source: Social Media Today

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These Nametag Codes were created to be engaging with high visuals so as to encourage users to use it more. But unfortunately, it did not work out and now the company is changing the Nametag codes with QR codes.

Nametag Codes Limitation

The Nametag Codes were only scanned in through the Instagram camera but QR codes can be scanned via the Android and iOS camera tool, therefore, linking immediately to the user Instagram profile. QR codes are universal and it is a big deal as it is used more in certain regions. QR Codes allowed transactions totaled more than $1.65 trillion back in 2016 in Japan and China according to a report by The Economists. That is why the social media platforms in the coming time will see more opportunities using this option.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes get to shine in more regions. QR codes come in helpful as the need to limit physical contact and social distancing rises. Not only this, but QR codes also provide a new way for customers to share contact information with stores so as to get information and updates sent to them. This will limit the need for conversations at the counter of the store. There are a lot of ways QR codes help in reducing contact and easing the processes and it makes sense for Instagram to implement and improve QR options.

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