Instagram has finally added user access to Instagram’s direct messages through the desktop version of the app. Users now can interact with their Instagram messages via desktop.

insta desktop DMs
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Instagram started testing out this back in February last year and released it out for specific users in January. Now almost all the users have access to this option. This new addition will make Instagram’s messaging tools widely available as not all users are able to access it via the app. This introduction also aligns with Facebook’s plan to unite all of its messaging tools. As users are able to access Messenger and WhatsApp through desktop, it seems to be a valid addition in this respect.

Now users have the ability to handle all the activities through desktop including messaging and posting. You probably still need to create stories through the app (workings are going on in this aspect too). But overall it will assist you in your daily Instagram management with tools and a dedicated inbox. Again this new addition is not yet available to everyone, but most users now can access DMs via desktop.

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