With the number of rumors and misleading news out there at the moment, this might be an important addition to Instagram. The platform is working on a feature that will allow users to limit the sensitive content in their feed via a new setting.

Sensitive Content
Image Source: Social Media Today

The setting when enabled will mean that users would see fewer photos and videos that might be sensitive. Instagram already offers to limit user exposure to sensitive content by putting up a blur screen over the questionable post and giving the user an option whether they want to view the post.

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Sensitive Content Screen
Image Source: Social Media Today

Users will still be able to see the sensitive content screen if the setting is on by default. If you turn off the setting all these sensitive screens will be removed from your feed and you will be able to view all types of content unrestricted. There might be a different use for it – maybe it is used for that type of content which is not at that level for which a screen is required. But still, some people would not prefer to see it. Or it may mean it is used to see fewer posts which include offensive content screen as to save you from look at it overall.

As of now, this option is still under testing so not much of information is available. It is likely that Instagram will launch this soon.

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