IGTV has made a really strong move announcing monetization for creators. Here are a few details they have released.

Initial IGTV’s Offerings

There are gonna be two initial offerings – badges and ads. They will also expand their live shopping offering.

IGTV Live Badges

Badges will also be sold via Instagram Live, which is gonna tested next month with few creators. Once a user buys a badge it will then be displayed in front of the username and their comments will prioritize higher than others. IGTV will not take a share out of this but might do it in the future.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Ads will be displaying and monetized for the initial 200 approved creators. A 55% cut will be given to the creators.

How IGTV Ads Will Display

Users will only be able to see ads when they click on view the full-screen version. The ads will be in vertical formations and will last up to 15 seconds. IGTV ads will not be a swipe up featuring ad, the users have to tap through to view the ad.

Rules Of Monetization

In order to protect brand reputation, there will be an Instagram monetization policy. The policy will be strict than any other content policy on the platform, you can’t curse or abuse on videos you want to monetize.

Particularly Banned Content

Formats must not be of any of the given:

  • Static image polls
  • Static videos
  • Text montages
  • embedded advertisements
  • continuously looped videos
  • images slideshow

Anything containing abuse or illegal activities is restricted as well as any content that is sexual.

Can the Government or Political Entities Join Too?

Considering the elections a lot of ads are about if they can be used by political entities if yes then how. The answer is it can not be used for monetization at all.

Views On Monetization Landscape

This is a major move for IGTV. YouTube has been considered as the big platform for creator monetization. IGTV does not have much for creators. The low count for viewership along with a vertical format is different from that of YouTube dimensions.


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