Facebook recently has added an option for Instagram users to create Messenger Rooms directly from their Instagram inbox.

As seen in the above video when you click on the video call button, you will be asked to create a Messenger room. Messenger Rooms are hosted on Messenger so if you create a room within Instagram you still will have to switch to Messenger to use the video chat. It offers another way to make use of Facebook’s multi-participant video chat option. As active rooms will not be shown on Instagram, users won’t be able to use it as a drop-in video chat tool as it is created on Facebook.

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In early testing, the rooms have found to be with several glitches and issues with the display format. To note that Facebook displays both Rooms and your active connections on Messenger on the same panel within the app makes it unclear to understand who is in a Room and who is online.

Rooms Unclarity
Image Source: Social Media Today

This might make people send random messages or you might get into a one on one video chat with people you do not want to talk to, but you clicked because you thought to say hi in a room. Facebook has also added Rooms for Events and Groups and also added Rooms for Workplace recently which will help in discussions with colleagues.

Image Source: Social Media Today

It is quite early to make calls on it, it might change things significantly as it offers more ways to connect with people in rooms and sharing or presentation options.

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