Instagram is providing access to all the users to its new ‘Guides’ content display option, which brings a new way to share themed content on your Instagram profile.


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Instagram Guides
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above series, users can now add a new tab to their profiles on top of ‘Posts’, ‘IGTV’, and ‘Mentions’, which links to the Guides option. The Guides tab will showcase a set of posts under the dedicated topic tiles. A longer type-Instagram view, allows users to show themed collections linked with each other with short text descriptions. You can also share the guides through the Stories, offering an additional way for your collections promotion. Instagram initially tested the Guides back in May, with limited users posting health and well-being tips to help people going through the impacts of COVID-19.

Well being Guides
Image Source: Social Media Today

Now, as the Guides is out there for all the users, Instagram states that it easing the process of creation, while brands can also put Product guides that further can be featured in the Instagram shop.

Steps To Create A Guide On Your Instagram Profile:

  • Go to the Instagram profile and click on the ‘+’ icon located on the top left of the screen.
  • Then tap on the ‘Guide’ from the ‘Create’ menu.
  • Then you can choose which sort of Guide you wish to create from ‘Places’, ‘Products’ or ‘Posts’
  • From there, you choose the posts you want to add to your Guide (either yours or content from other users) and put them into your collection
  • After that, you can also add a description and title, and change the cover image if you want.

Example Of Places Guide

Places Guide
Image Source: Social Media Today

It is indeed a great way to display your interests on Instagram, while for brands, it provides a new range of possibilities in sharing and showcasing your products.

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