Instagram officially announced that users now can save their Instagram live broadcasts video to IGTV and keep it as long as they want for others to watch.

Until now, Live broadcasts were only available to viewers during the broadcast i.e when users are live. Earlier users had the option to save the live broadcast video to their camera roll and then upload it on the platform. Now with this new introduction users can save the video directly to the IGTV which will offer more benefits to the users.

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Users can build their IGTV library with the help of this option and as Instagram is introducing monetization options this could also help to get into rising interest in IGTV. Instagram might also provide a revenue option through your own content. There are some limitations too that must be considered in this process.

As Per Instagram 

As Per Instagram
Image Source: Social Media Today

Not able to edit your video and no consideration for comments and likes could be an issue. It will not make any sense as you are replying to comments or referring to your viewers during the broadcast and then in the replay, their names and notes won’t show up. In this case, it will be better to download the video and edit it to make sure it fits and then re-upload it IGTV. But if you are looking for a simple and fast way to move it to IGTV this could be an option to use.

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