Instagram has added a new feature of “Series” that will help creators to categorize their video into different dedicated sections. Instagram is trying to increase exposure to IGTV content. This feature is influenced by Snapchat’s “Snapchat Originals” that recently gained great success.

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Tweet By The Instagram:

The new Series feature will help the creator to get better engagements with their audience and promoting their brand by providing a dedicated label. The viewers can get notification by tapping the icon appeared on screen in order to get notified for the next coming episode.

Key Features:

  1. Continuous Watching
  2. Branding of Series
  3.  IGTV Notification


  1. IGTV has never been shown success but Instagram’s strong promoting powers always try to boost the exposure of the IGTV content.
  2. Snapchat is over covering IGTV through its original program, therefore in order to beat Snapchat Instagram will boost IGTV up to any cost.


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