Instagram is releasing new font options for stories, with interesting background effects to make your text attractive.

Instagram and Facebook both are consistently adding new features that are therefore hard to keep up with.

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Recent Features

  • Instagram rolled out “Stay Home” stickers to promote COVID-19 removal efforts.
  • Instagram increased the limit of its IGTV preview option for stories to play the first 15 seconds of the IGTV video.
  • Instagram added a new feature to raise funds, gift cards and ordering stickers to help businesses affected by the COVID-19
  • Instagram released a Stay Home AR effects along with Challenge Sticker.
  • Facebook added an animate feature for still images in the Facebook stories frame.

Facebook is also working on a Mood GIF and Instagram on adding a DM me stickers to their stories. Considering the increasing pace of updates by social media platforms, it is worth checking out and see what’s new.

Fonts feature therefore seems to be of less importance in the broader aspect but it does add something and it might be a good option for some users. Instagram announced that it is testing out these new fonts with limited people, so you may or may not have access as of now.

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