Instagram is testing out a new “DM Me” Sticker for stories, which will redirect users to direct message engagement by clicking on the sticker.

DM me Sticker
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

It makes sense if seen from a usage point. As all messaging options along with Instagram direct has been rising over the years and it has received a boost during COVID-19 lockdown. Facebook had reported a 50% increase in messaging volume in March.

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The direct call for messages from stories could be an issue in regards to abuse and harassment. This opens a door for unrequested messages which will be a problem, specifically for younger users. People will be able to prevent such via their privacy settings but still, it seems a bit off. This is no different from “Join Chat” which Instagram added back in July last year. The only difference is, this sticker was used to add people to a group chat and not to initiate one on one conversation.

The question does sparks in the mind Is this even useful? Considering this from a business point of few it could be prompt to receive the potential customers to make the first move. As brands can show their product in a video or so and then include this sticker as a CTA to get further information. This could drive in more engagement and discussions. Instagram has not announced any official launch date as of now.

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