Instagram is trying out a new challenge sticker for stories that will allow users to nominate their connections to take part in a visual competition. Therefore, encouraging more engagement.

Challenge Sticker
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new challenge sticker will be added to the ordinary sticker tray in stories. When you apply this sticker then you will be asked to tag friends to participate. There is another option down at the bottom of the screen called “search challenges” on the basis of trending content. It seems to be an inspiration by TikTok, as in TikTok users use Duet Mode to reply to another clip by playing it sideways, which therefore is used by many to respond to challenges. Creating and doing challenges has become a key role of the TikTok app. As seen on TikTok discover page hashtags like #FlipTheSwitch, #SiblingCheck has become a key focus for engagement.

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TikTok Discover Page
Image Source: Social Media Today

Each of the hashtags inspires millions of people to take part and have fun creating videos. Instagram is hoping to capture the usage trend with its challenge tool. Given Instagram’s privacy settings and the way content highlights on its explorer tab, it would be more confined on its platform. In TikTok, there is a real community type feel to its Discover tab based around on these tags and on Instagram it is more focussed on the topic. Considering the story content and the duration of the story which exist for 24 hours, it doesn’t seem like this will become a big thing on Instagram.


Instagram may get more engagement. Maybe the behavior of users as on TikTok spread to Instagram stories, challenge stickers and invite more interaction. There is no information yet from Instagram but it is likely to roll out soon.

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