Instagram has released a new ‘Thank You Hour’ initiative, which will include stories that have a ‘Thank You Hour’ sticker in it. These stories are added to a group story that displays various things people are appreciative of during the pandemic.

Thank You Hour Sticker
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By Instagram

Explanations By Instagram
Image Source: Social Media Today

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The new ‘Thank Hour Story’ compiles with existing security settings, that way your story will not be visible to everybody in the app. If you put the sticker in your story, it will be displayed to your connections in a collective Thank You Hour story. These stories will be available at 7 pm each day. It is designed to provide users more ways to show support through their stories.

Instagram along with this new sticker has already launched two other cause related stickers during the lockdown. A ‘Thanks Health Heroes’ sticker to show respect to healthcare workers and a ‘Stay Home’ sticker which contains content added to a common ‘Stay Home’ story for people to share their experiences. This type of sharing will help communicate the key messages related to certain causes and boost participation in COVID-19 reduction efforts.

Stay Home Sticker
Image Source: Social Media Today

According to a medical report, people under the age of 40 do not have a major health risk due to COVID-19 but it can be deadly for the elderly. But the problem is many people are asymptomatic that means that they may have infected and been spreading COVID-19 to others without them knowing about it. So it is advisable for everyone to follow advice from health professionals and stay at home.


Instagram plays an important role with the majority of its users are below the age of 30 that do not take COVID-19 to be a fatal threat to them. It can help spread key messages, by offering ways for users to display their personal experiences and encourage participation in the COVID-19 removal efforts. That is why Instagram is adding new cause-related stickers which offers an initiative for people to share and relate while maintaining social distancing.

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