Instagram launched Reels in many more regions last week, to compete with TikTok. Tech Expert Josh Constine Came with flaws which state that Reels are missing with the front page presence, so users find it difficult to find Reels content.

The main thing to compete with TikTok is to come up with a front-page presence like TikTok which opens up with feeds.

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New Features

Many Instagrammers saw the new layout today in which Reels is found at the function bar and search magnifying glass at the top.

Reels will highlight after this new update and get a lot more significance.

TikTok Vs Insta

TikTok is more focused on the content not on contacts and videos on TikTok are open to all, whereas on Reels on contacts can see the videos. This is one of the major success of TikTok.

New York Times posted some reviews on the Reels feature   :

“I can definitively say Reels is the worst feature I’ve ever used.”


“[Reels is] confusing, frustrating and impossible to navigate. It’s like Instagram took all the current functionality on Stories (a tool to publish montages of photos and videos with added filters, text and music clips), and jammed them into a separate, new complicated interface for no reason.”

More on This

Could another tab for Reels on the primary screen change that? Possibly. Possibly, by giving Reels more presentation, more makers will be lured to attempt it – however dependent on early reactions, it presumably has a couple of different issues to work out, and it most likely, truly, makes Instagram excessively enlarged, like myself as well as other people have proposed.

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