SocialInsider conducted survey on River 22 million Instagram posts and found around 3 million posts contain carousels. Carousels posts are more successful and has more engagement as compared to single photo or video.

The study also explained the common thing in top carousels. The data extracted from this study will help marketers to get more engagement on their posts.

Carousels Glance Look

19% of Instagram posts contain carousel, which was 3 to 4% in 2017.

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Engagement rate of carousel is 1.92%, whereas images have 1.74% and 1.45% of videos. However, engagement rises with every 2% if all 10 slides are used. Only  6% have all 10 slides used while most are between 2 to 4 slides.

Carousels Glance Look
Image Source – Socialinsider

Impact of Number of Slides on Engagement

On study over 3 million carousel posts on Instagram post, it is found that engagement rate drops down after 3 slides whereas it rises again at 8 slides and above. Those with 10 slides contains most engagement.

Impact of Number of Slides on Engagement
Image Source – Socialinsider

Mixing Images and Videos in Carousel Posts

Combo of video and images lead to the most engagement which is of 2.33%. Only 7% of the carousel content has mixed combination of images and videos. However, 88% contains only images and  only 4% has video slides. It is also found that carousel with videos has slight up rate of engagement than the carousel with images.

Mixing Images and Videos in Carousel Posts
Image Source – Socialinsider

“Swipe Left”

Only 5% of the Instagram post have a message of sipe left, however it can bring the engagement rate of 1.83% to 2%. Messages like this encourage the user to see all the slides of he carousel.

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