Instagram is removing the IGTV option from its home screen due to a lack of usability. Only a few users till now have noticed this. Users are primarily accessing IGTV videos either from feed or by directly checking the creator profile. Therefore, giving a separate option of IGTV seems to be useless.

Facebook Spokesperson Statement

Facebook Spokesperson Statement
Facebook Spokesperson Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Reason For Lack Of Use

The main reason for the lack of use of IGTV is that there is no incentive for the creators if they produce long content. Long video creation is expensive to make and Instagram is not paying anything to the creators for this. Last time the company gives emphasis to the creators for making long videos was a year back.

Those who love to watch and enjoy the IGTV videos can still do so by tapping on the IGTV button in the explore section.

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