Today, Instagram reveals some new insights to assist users to make the best use of Instagram DM tools available to them. Apart from this, Instagram shared some tips for business accounts as well as how they can use product tags over their posts.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri also shared some insights on how to use DM tools that users are not aware of.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

Tweet By Adam Mosseri

Key Features

  1. Messages Request: Various users shows that they are receiving a wide range of DM request which they are not aware of.
  2. Messages Marked as Unread: Instagram chief shares that if a user long presses on a message, then they can mark that message as unread.
  3. Vanish Mode: Adam Mosseri shares how to use vanish mode, which makes seen messages disappear when users close that chat.
  4. Privacy Features: After all this, Mosseri discusses the privacy features present in DM controls that are available to the users.
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