Instagram is releasing new personal fundraiser options for the purpose of helping businesses and people to raise money for specific causes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fundraiser Options
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By Instagram 

“Starting today, we’re rolling out a new way to raise money for a personal cause, like yourself, your small business, a friend or a cause that’s important to you. We’ll begin with a small test to create a Personal Fundraiser in the US, UK and Ireland on Android, followed by iOS. If you live in a country where you can donate to a fundraiser through our donation sticker, you are also eligible to donate to a Personal Fundraiser on Android starting today.”

Here’s How To Create A Personal Fundraiser

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Click on “Add Fundraiser” and then tap “Raise Money”
  • You can select a photo and choose the fundraiser category which includes “crisis relief”, “faith”, “hobbies” and more
  • Once done with the selection of the category, you can then add details to show your story and convince others to donate.
  • You will have to also enter the information for Stripe, which is Facebook’s Donations payment processor.
  • After all, this tap sends, and then your fundraiser will be sent to be reviewed by Facebook or Instagram.

Once Instagram ensures that fundraisers have met the eligibility criteria you can then start raising money.

“Each fundraiser lasts 30 days and can be extended more than once for 30 more days. You must be at least 18 years old to create a fundraiser.”

Instagram has been looking out for ways to provide support to people and businesses that were impacted by COVID-19, with various awareness options and fundraising tools. Instagram added a new gift card, food order, and fundraiser tools for profiles and stories. Facebook also added fundraising options in order to allow business owners to create personal fundraisers.

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Facebook Fundraisers
Image Source: Social Media Today

Impact Of The Additions

“Since January, people have raised more than $100 million for COVID-19 fundraisers globally across Instagram and Facebook, while in the last 30 days, donations on Instagram have doubled in the US. We’ve also seen a large wave of digital activism responding to the global conversation around racial justice. From people raising money to buy medical equipment for Black Lives Matter protesters, rebuilding Black-owned small businesses affected by COVID-19 and funding educational resources related to racial justice, people are eager to mobilize around causes they care about.”

Considering this it makes sense for Instagram to add more fundraising options as the Pandemic goes on.

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